Betty Crocker loosened up; Whiskey, Cherry, Chocolate Cake

A few months ago i bought a cherry whiskey, mainly because i liked the label. Forgetting that i have a long standing hate for ‘cherry’ flavour as it remind me of cough medicine, which I have an even longer standing hatred for. This whiskey just tasted like cherry flavoured Buckelys. In short, it was pretty gross. Although i had a good kick bringing it to a party and talking my friends into tequila, cherry whiskey, hot sauce shots to make it that much more stomach turning. However last night i hosted a everything baked with alcohol bbq, and figured i might as well put this whiskey to good use.

Betty crocker, loosened up a little; 1 box of betty crocker ‘supper moist’ chocolate cake, replaced the water with 1 1/4 cup of whiskey in the cake, added 1/4 cup coconut oil instead of regular oil and 3 eggs with a little cherry filling mixed in. The topping was cherry filling, drowned in a lot of whiskey.

The result was a super moist, boozy but lovely whiskey cake. Alcohol around here always gets put to good use.

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littlest trooper

Penny is a rescue pup who had an injury to her foot which he pervious owners neglected. After months of neglect, and being rescued, she needed an amputation of her leg to end the pain and prevent infection from spreading. Despite all the above, she is a total love bug and has landed herself an amazing home.

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Felix, for adoption

Its hard to take pictures of cute kittens, with my mother being to radiant

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April 26th 2012, 6:45am

On Tuesday April 24th, 7:30pm i went to see my Grandmother with my right-hand man Ringo 36 hours before she passed. I saw her the last night she was conscious enough to respond, conscious enough to reach out her hand in the air for my hand and lay her other one on my dog. Although too tired to carry a conversation, she held my hand in hers as tight as she ever had. I told her that her daughter Joanne was getting on a plane and would be with her the next day, she sat up to make eye contact with me in excitement and lay her head back down. That was about the only response i got her her that evening. My mother Joanne, was by her side by 4pm the next evening straight off the plane. At 6:45am April 26th with her daughter by her side hand-in-hand, my grandmother passed in her sleep.

Although i had no relationship with my grandmother growing up, in the past few months i stood by her side through all the hospitals in a time where she was scared, lonely, and consciously knew her end was coming. I quickly became all to personal with her, helping the nurses clean her soiled bed and held her arm as they catheterized her for I.V fluids. When she refused to eat, i was going to feed her daily before or after work. I will never forget the one day in March, when she was feeling better than ever, and full of spunk. I spent the day with her at the hospital, and my sister came for that day too. I made the mistake that day of letting her know i was single again, as my sister said – and ready to mingle. She spent the majority of that day calling over the not-so cute janitor, and every other male nurse or paramedic that passed by the room. She stuck her tongue out at the nurses she didn’t like, and tried to pull her I.V’s out to break-away and leave with us. In all my life, hands down that was the best day i had spent with her, regardless of how otherwise depressing the situation was. She was a riot.

In her memory i will be making the video for her funeral, a celebration of her life – of which i do not know much about. I will be interviewing close relatives, friends, and hospital workers. I am looking forward to putting together a mini documentary of this riot of a woman i came to know, and in that learning more about her.

Rest in peace Isabel Savignac.

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spring time baby

I opened up my balcony this morning, and a fluster, flock, herd? of Butterflies flew away to the near by tree. I used my 500mm zoom lens to catch them in the tree, which really just looked like i was taking early morning pictures into my neighbours windows.

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Sunday morning cat

i feel ya

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meet humphrey

i get to pick up cuties at work all day, everyday

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Joker (pup for adoption) and his foster mum

Friday i had a photoshoot with the handsome Joker boy to get pictures for his adoption profile, now that he is neutered and ready to find a home to call his own. Irina has been fostering him since March, Irina is a wonderful foster home and has been with us for 2 years now. Joker is her 6th foster pup.

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Good morning Montreal

Good morning Montreal; lets change some minds, save some lives, make a small or big difference in at least one animals life today.

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